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pastel goth outift adoptables CLOSED by AS-Adoptables pastel goth outift adoptables CLOSED :iconas-adoptables:AS-Adoptables 123 21 Weapon commission 84 by Epic-Soldier Weapon commission 84 :iconepic-soldier:Epic-Soldier 474 10 Moon Elf Outfit by Firefly-Path Moon Elf Outfit :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 2,298 63 Moonlight Elven Gown by Firefly-Path Moonlight Elven Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 5,406 154 Sakura Elven Bridal Gown by Firefly-Path Sakura Elven Bridal Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 2,408 69 Princess Alyndra Elora Moonflower by Firefly-Path Princess Alyndra Elora Moonflower :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 2,515 67 The Snow Queen by Firefly-Path The Snow Queen :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 3,235 102
One Shot Take Down (GarrusXReader) OneShot

“Boom! Head shot!” (F/N)’s voice rang through the team’s headset. She and Garrus were currently assisting Shepard in stopping the latest threat to the galaxy. A large scale mercenary group had been planting for the kill of several Omega trade merchants, however the commander had taken on the job to end mercenaries before they did the same to anyone. To put it simpler Commander Goody To-Shoes was saving the day… again.
“Last one,” Shepard announced while firing his pistol. The mercenary on the retrieving end fell to the pavement, blood pouring out of his hest plates. Coming out from behind their bearers the small squad re-grouped. (F/N)’s armor had taken small damage, but nothing major leaving the group intact and ready to move on.
“I’ll go farther in while you to stand guard. Don’t let anyone in,” Shepard got nods of approve from both companions. “And while you
:iconceepcalmandeat:ceepcalmandeat 87 27
Thrive [France x Reader]
You found him sitting on a hill overlooking the cemetery, twirling a rose in between his fingers.
It was a little strange to say the least, but you weren’t one to judge. You often sat in a similar place to him, holding a flower of your own. In fact, you held a small bouquet of daffodils yourself.
Death was a common tragedy.
You said nothing to the man as you passed him, your flats clicking against the rough cobblestone path beneath you. Your eyes were only fixed upon the grave that glittered with age.
A solemn smile graced your features as you stood, your fingers delicately trailing around the ribbon that held the bouquet together as you set it down.
“Matt,” his name left your lips in a hushed silence. “It’s your sister, (Y/N).”
You ran the tips of your fingers over the chipped headstone. You’d never met your big brother, as he died shortly after his birth. Despite knowing nothing but his name, your heart ached at what could’ve been.
:icontheonewiththeideas:TheOneWithTheIdeas 23 0
Request EnglandxTsundere!reader
Honestly, was it really that difficult? All you had to do was tell him.  Just open your damn mouth and let the words come out.  Easy right? Not in the slightest.  Arthur Kirkland was an enigma you were never going to solve.
“Everything alright, poppet?” His smooth british voice called to you.
“What do you want, Arthur?” You snapped and turned to face him.  His adorably thick eyebrows were  lowered over his shining eyes and... damn it there you go again.
“You seemed unusually quiet.  I was just going to see if everything was alright.”
“It’s fine.... I’m just... I’m going home. Bye Arthur.” Giving the poor bloke a look, you stormed toward the door.
The walk back to yours and Francis’ shared apartment was short. The only reason you were living with the frog was because he had nowhere else to go while he stayed here in london for the meeting.  At the end of the month he’d be gon
:iconfirerose333:FireRose333 51 10
Carnation [Hetalia: France x Reader]
"Francis, please stop hitting on me. You've tried so many times," you muttered, shooing the annoying Frenchman away with a hand while closing your eyes out of irritation. Francis whined, "Aw, but [Name], Mon amour! You're such a pretty little lady, and I'm just asking you a small favor to have dinner with me at my house!" You shook your head for the last time and put your head down onto the table as the havoc began to rampage in the World Conference Room.
"Look, Mon amour!" You turned at Francis' voice as he waved at you, running over to you in his red velvet suit, blue eyes glittering and blond hair swaying romantically. You shook the image out of your head and instead swooned at the object in his hands.
"Look, [Name], Mon amour!" Francis said, holding it out to you. "I'm a chick attractor, oui? Take a look at what is in my hands, and fear its glory!" You squealed and then took the tiny white carrier pigeon out of his hands, and you nuzzled its yellow beak with your nose, crooning s
:iconcritter-pixels11:CRITTER-PIXELS11 115 57
Nourish (Chef!France x Reader)
There are some people who are fortunate enough to be able to do what they love as a career- they wake up thinking of possibilities, not of burdens. They are the kind who hasten the dawn, awaiting for each day to come, not yearning for the approach of light, equating it to the relief of a heavy burden.
Francis Bonnefoy was one of those lucky few.
The Rouge Café was, to Francis, the perfect combination of food, people and ambient atmosphere. Almost every day, the blonde man came across interesting people to talk to, whether they were first time customers or regular patrons. He felt a strange, profound sympathy for those who woke with a sense of dismay and exhaustion, dreading the day ahead, for it was surely a dispiriting way to live.
Speaking of dispiriting, something caught his eye and he glanced up, alerted by the gentle chiming of the bell above the doorway.
Francis' eyes lit up in recognition as he spotted the figure that had pushed through the doorway, shaking some of their ha
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 262 41
Reach Out to Me: Jake x Reader
Jake English:
That's when somebody swings around a support cable, takes you into their arms and jumps down to the pavement. You are quite sure that was like something from an action movie.
You look up to see the so called adventurer. His black hair is spiked up in a black fohawk. He grins down at you, bright green eyes contrasting against his tan skin.
"Sorry about that. That rail didn't strike me as a suitable place for a dame such as yourself." There's an undertone of an English accent to his cheery voice.
He may not have seen it as suitable, but you found it just fine. Frowning, you try to wriggle from his grip. He only holds you a little closer.
"Put me down." You demand in a monotone.
He looks into your eyes closely, forest green locking on a dulled (e/c). Shortly after, a frown crosses his face. He makes no move to return you to your feet.
Disregarding your wish, he shakes his head 'no'. You gape at him, then increase your struggles as he carries you away from the bridge.
"What t
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 463 88
Reach Out to Me: Tavros x Reader
Tavros Nitram:
That's when someone behind you speaks up.
"Uh, miss, I really think you should get down from there."
You nervously glance over your shoulder to see a cute boy in a wheelchair. He looks up at you through timid chocolate brown irises. His dark brown hair is pushed back in a fluffy looking mohawk, and his darker tanned skin is a bit pale in the face.
He jumps slightly when you look at him, and he holds his hands up placatingly. He really seems so shy.
"I-I, uh, don't mean to tell you what to, um, do, but you could really hurt yourself up there."
His eyes suddenly turn sad and he looks into his lap. He twiddles his thumbs nervously then looks back up to you.
"I once, um, fell from a high place, but I got really lucky. Umm, but you might have a reason for being up there."
He looks into his lap again, and your heart drops. He's being so sweet.
"I-I'm up here because there is something hurting me." You state through a wavering voice. Tears from in the corners of your eyes. Yes,
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 385 72
Worries {GHB x Reader}
Her eyes settled on the foreigner reflection of a Young woman in fancy attire. Hair pulled up in a bun that held a messy yet classy look to it, adorned with various purple clips along with some that were black.
She wore even if the tiniest bits of makeup on her face, making her look at bit more decent. Black lipstick colored her rosy lips, remained to be hidden under the dark tone her lips now adorned, trying to match the dress she wore and the theme of her whole look.
(e/c) eyes traveled down further, from her lips that were turned into a thin line and her eyes filled with worry and nervousness to the dress that hugged her every curve in a way that left little to no imagination on what wore underneath, yet keeping the amount of decency needed for the event she oh so nicely dressed up for.
The dress was a long one, with a V-neck that showed some amount of cleavage, though she didn't have a lot to begin with, adding another thing to her list of worries of whether she should change how s
:iconprincesssakura1221:PrincessSakura1221 415 58
First Day Flutters. Eridan!
...The smell of salt water.
"Wwell wwell, looks like I'vve caught you (Name)" In return, the girl smiled, knowing already who had covered her eyes. She could identify that adorable stutter anywhere.
"Oh no! I'vve been caught~" She teased, already knowing what the troll would say next.
"Hey! that's no fair. You knoww I can't help that I stutter." She whipped around, crushing him in an embrace.
"Yeah yeah Eri, I know." Eridan, being the adorable little shit he is, decided to POUT. Like, how is anyone supposed to resist that. Right? Right. So the minute (Name) saw his lips purse up, she started petting his head gently, making sure not to touch his horns. ( I  bet at least five people who will read this WANT to touch his horns. It's okay, I do too~ *Wonk.*)
"Aww, c'mon Eri don't pout." He continued, though this time he pulled up his scarf to cover his face that was now pale violet!
"But (Name), it's no fair. Evveryone makes fun of me wwhen I stutter."
"Well Eri, it's just because they
:iconcelestialspecter:CelestialSpecter 248 108

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Teen Titan Profile: The Illusionist
Name: Courtney Illias Jumbo
Also Known As: Court (by Beast Boy and Cyborg), C.J (by Beast Boy and Cyborg), little magician, and Illias (by Mumbo)
Age: 15
Birthday: August 17
Species: Human
Blood Type: AB
Astrological Sign: Leo
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Past/Bio: She grew up in an orphanage at the far side of Jump City. When she turned 13 she ran away. She was given a home by Mumbo, but he had other plans for her. He had started doing research to better understand Raven, to finally defeat her. He found a spell and used it to fuse a demon named Dahlia within her. He had promised her that after she mastered a difficult magic trick and performed it in front of a crowd successfully, then she could leave, if she wanted. After she sucessfully mastered the trick, he wanted to do one last show with her. The teen titans came just as he disappeared in the act. She grabbed Beast Boy as a volunteer in her how, however, he changed into an animal, messing up her trick.
:iconroselover159:Roselover159 0 0
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